Hiring good employees can be challenging. Recruiting the wrong person can be a very expensive mistake. We help employers vet potential candidates via our psychometric testing to better understand their ability fit into the role you are offering.

Our services are designed to help you find and retain the best talent.

While prospective recruits may have the right education history – there are multiple characteristics beyond what’s outlined on paper that will determine if an employee is right for the job. So relying only on the candidate’s appearance, exam results or previous experience, may not give you a full picture of whether a person will thrive within your company set up. We make your selection process more effective and better informed. The right hires reward you with better performance and higher retention rates.

How to work with us

Pre-screening of applicants

We use online psychometric testing to gain insights about a candidate’s interests and skills and identify whether they are a suitable match for your job vacancy. This improves the hiring process and saves a lot of time and money on the employer’s part when looking for the right talent.

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White labeling our test

White labeling refers to a rebranding CareerMe Test to give the impression that the test is owned by you, the employer. Call it your own - publicize your own brand name to your audience. There is no development or system maintenance cost to employer as all such are managed by CareerMe. We will customize our career test that is designed to international standards to suit your company brand.



Looking for a CSR project? Support us to provide free, modern and interactive career guidance to Sri Lankan youth, be it your own employee’s children or youth across the island. Help them make better-informed decisions about their educational and career pathway.