If you are a donor, development partner or international organization supporting Sri Lanka in areas of education, youth employment, productivity, skills development and increase in women participation in labour force , there is a great opportunity for you to help youth for success in life and work with our newly introduced hybrid career guidance platform which is available in all three national languages.

Failing to Plan – is planning to fail. We see career guidance as key to addressing the huge skills mismatch between the educated youth and needs of the Sri Lankan labour market.

Most students and young people are not aware of the world of work due to lack knowledge on occupations; information about new careers; future growth sectors; earning potentials; required skills; education and training options. They are also confronted by the problem of contradictory occupational information derived through peer and parent influence. Teachers and parents are ill-equipped to provide up-to-date information, guidance and directions to students due to absence of verified career information database. And according to the business sector, one of the biggest issues they face today is finding workers for their business. Sri Lanka needs to uplift its educational and career guidance into a proper, structured and sustainable system. Our ICT centric career guidance platform and services is designed to meet this need.

How to work with us

Help in outreach to students and teachers

CareerMe is interested in working with governmental, international organizations and non-governmental institutions to promote our FREE career resources, tools and services available on our platform to millions of youth throughout the country. We need your support to reach out to youth living in all parts of the country to promote career guidance to shape their future. Our objective is to ensure all students island wide receive at least some form of fundamental career guidance before exiting the school system. This is now possible through the FREE, online, localized career resources available on our platform in Sinhala, Tamil and English making it easily accessible to any student with internet facilities.

Career Guidance Workshops & Advisor Training

We conduct modern, interactive, workshop for youth utilizing online tools, group activities and professional expertise to guide youth towards the right education and career path based on their vocational personality, skills, interests and personal situation.

  • Training of career advisors
  • Delivery of career guidance workshop for students and parents
  • Soft skills and employability skills training
  • CV and interview preparation training

We have a pool of over 600 trained career advisors and teachers and impacted thousands of students. Contact us discuss tailored programs for your needs.


Join with CareerMe to promote FREE digital career guidance tools and services, thereby creating a better future for our youth and nation as a whole.
Contact us at [email protected] or via our hotline 077 9798480