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Choosing a career is hard. Most young people have difficulty in figuring out what to study and what job to do after leaving school. One way to overcome this difficulty is by talking to a career advisor.

After completing CareerMe’s online career test you would have received a career test results report. The report provides a number of possible career options to consider. Meeting with our Career Advisor on a one-to-one basis for an in-depth and confidential meeting will help in the interpretation of your results.

Our Advisor will help you select the most suitable career(s) by considering those recommended in the career test report and your own input. Together with our Advisor, you will also discuss and choose subjects to study and identify the most suitable higher education options that will help you realize your career dream.

How does this work?

A CareerMe Advisor can stimulate your thinking, ask important career planning questions to help clarify goals, provide encouragement, offer strategies for making meaningful career decisions, and help you learn more about yourself and the decision-making process. However, the CareerMe Advisor cannot decide for you nor tell you what to do for your career. The responsibility for making career decisions rests with you. During your meeting, the CareerMe Advisor will collect information to prepare your Career Action Plan for your chosen career.

To meet one of the CareerMe Advisors, you will need to make a prior appointment with us and have completed our online career test. Advisory sessions are available in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Career Guidance Pricing

LKR 1999

1 Hour Career Discussion with Expert Career Advisor


Free Online Career Test:

Find your vocational personality


Personalized Career Test Report:

Highlights best Career Options for you

Career Discussion:

Get answers to what you should do next?


Personalized Career Action Plan Report: 

Learn the most suitable education and career path/choices for you

Over 5+ pages of information


Call 077 9798480 to fix a time to Meet a Career Advisor

Free online career test (Step 1) must be completed before meeting career advisor


Most students do not have a complete knowledge of careers and what employers will expect from them. So, career guidance will be highly valuable in helping students pick the right career and understanding about the chosen career.

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