Parent’s Guide

How to help your child with their future options?

To help them make the right decisions, every child should receive information, advice, and guidance about their future. While for many young people a career may seem a long way off, decisions they make about education and training now will affect their options later on. Whatever the situation, allow your son/daughter to reach their own decisions about their future. It is important to understand that, ultimately, it is their future. With the right information, advice, and guidance your child can make an informed decision about their future and be prepared to make the most of every opportunity.


Be involved, but not in control

Advise, but do not decide

Support, but do not dominate.



Important Factors to Be Considered By Parents

There are a few factors of immense importance in the career selection process. It is essential for parents to understand and consider the following factors in helping your child select a career.

  • Aptitude: This reflects a child’s personality, strengths, weaknesses and speaks about his/her natural ability to do something. Awareness of your child’s natural abilities will be helpful in making a well-informed career selection.
  • Interest: These are activities your child enjoys doing and the subjects he/she likes to spend time learning about. To devote your time to a job you have no interest in is difficult. Therefore, parents should consider their child’s interest areas when identifying career options.
  • Peer pressure. Peer pressure deeply impacts a person’s decision-making ability and may lead to wrong choices. Particularly on career choice, higher education and personal life. It is very easy for a child to get influenced by peer pressure into choosing a career that the majority is doing rather than the one that is best for him/her. Sometimes, even parents get attracted towards a career choice that is trending instead of one that fits their child thereby hampering the child’s career choice. Usually, it is only down the line that most people realize that their decision was influenced and wrong.
  • Career Scope: Refers to the various fields and professions that are available after a particular course or a degree. The larger the scope, the better your child’s chances of finding a career/occupation that fits them.
  • Earning potential:  Remuneration might not be at the top of everyone’s career needs but it certainly holds importance. Nobody likes to earn peanuts. The remuneration potentials should match with your child’s aspirations and enable a satisfied and comfortable life for them.
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Most students do not have a complete knowledge of careers and what employers will expect from them. So, career guidance will be highly valuable in helping students pick the right career and understanding about the chosen career.

Anjana Kulasekara