Choosing a career is not a serious affair until your child reaches 10th grade or 12th grade. However, when they do reach such grades, it is important for your child to decide on a career goal. Selecting the right career option, identifying the potential industry and deciding the right education pathway are all vital for your child’s future.

Unfortunately, many children are unable to discover their potentials and interests at this stage and so the pressure starts building. In this scenario, seeking qualified assistance from a career guidance advisor would be useful for your child in discovering their potential and selecting the right path.

Helping your child figure what education or career path to follow is a difficult process. The greatest challenge is a lack of information to make a smart education and career decisions. We understand this difficulty and have crafted services to support your child’s decision-making process.

Free Career Test:  Let your child understand what kind of work they would enjoy through this easy-to use questionnaire. The test report will list potential careers for your child to consider.

Career Bullseye: Explore careers in 15 different industries. Even if you child has no idea of a particular job, if he/she is interested in a certain industry, you can start by searching here.

Career Advisor:  Engage with a professional who can advise your son/daughter on potential careers to consider, and clarify any and all questions your child might have on studies and finding a job.

FAQ for Parents

My child has no idea about what job he/she wants to do. How do I help him/her?

You can start by encouraging your child to explore career options and helping them understand themselves first. What activities interest them both inside and outside school? How does those activities relate to careers? To help get some starting ideas let your child do our free career test.  This will give career options based on their preferences. Even if they don’t like the careers suggested at least they will be able to narrow down their options a little.

I want to make sure that my son/daughter chooses a course which has good career prospects. What should I do?

Look at the industries that are growing fast and employing more people. When helping your child make post-school education and career decisions, evaluate how many opportunities there are in the sector and if the same job will exist in the future given technological advances. Also identify back-up career options available to your child from the selected higher education course. Our career resources will help you obtain this information.

How do I find the best route for the career that my son/daughter wants?

There are usually a number of different entry routes for most careers; some are based on qualifications, others on experience.  The careers resources we provide at CareerMe will show the typical entry routes. Your son/daughter could also research employers that recruit for the careers that they are interested in and find out what school leaver or graduate schemes are available for entry level positions.

Do I have to send my son/daughter to university? I’m worried about high tuition fee.

Going to university will provide your son/daughter with a broad range of useful skills and experiences.

However, for certain careers university isn’t the only option. Many employers now offer an on-the-job training pathway for youth. In this case your son/daughter needs to identify jobs that cater to such needs.

Most students do not have a complete knowledge of careers and what employers will expect from them. So, career guidance will be highly valuable in helping students pick the right career and understanding about the chosen career.

Anjana Kulasekara
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