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Why become a CareerMe advisor?

There are many youngsters out there who would really benefit with advice and assistance on how to navigate the world of work after leaving school. This is a unique opportunity to work with students and help them make decisions regarding work and learning and help them avoid pitfalls.

Don’t want to be an advisor but have industry specific expertise or knowledge you would like to share with the younger generation? Then get in touch with us at [email protected]


The work of the CareerMe Adviser

Most of the work is with students aged 15- 20 who are in the process of choosing their pre O/L and pre A/L options and looking ahead to higher education/career choices. Advisor should be able to conduct high-quality one-to-one discussions with students from both international and local schools to suggest careers that match their personality, interests, skills, and abilities.

However, there may be occasional opportunities to work with junior students and adult clients. Experience of working with clients from diverse backgrounds with differing needs is advantageous.


Essential requirements

  • Knowledge and experience in the field of career development, and youth employment
  • Advanced knowledge of Sri Lanka’s socioeconomic context, and its higher education and vocational education systems
  • Experience working with young people
  • Excellent people skills, communication skills, coaching skills and internet research skills
  • At minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline such as education, counselling, and guidance, psychology or related field

Applying to join

If you would like to apply to become a CareerMe advisor, please send your CV to [email protected]

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