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CareerMe is your one stop platform for all career related questions

As Sri Lanka’s preeminent career guidance service, we are here to help you explore education and career options that match your personality, skills and interest. You can also get Sri Lankan labour market information more easily and efficiently through CareerMe.

Why is career guidance important? Simple, because there is a glaring lack of resources to help students enter the world of work. We will help you identify who you are, your career options and what to study to be employed in that chosen career. This is different from the traditional path where students make study choices and then try to find the jobs they can do. In contrast, our innovative way encourages you to first pick your career and then select what you need to study to achieve it.

CareerMe is a forward looking company of passionate advisors who are focused in driving Sri Lankan youth toward a better direction.

Our Services

Career Test

Understand what kind of work best fits your personality through this easy-to use questionnaire. The test report will list potential careers for your to consider and will be a starting point in your career journey.

Meet Career Advisor

Engage with a professional who can advise you on potential careers to consider, and clarify any and all questions you might have on studies and finding a job.

Our Approach

Learn about our career guidance process here.

MCQ Past Papers

We also provide educational support in the form of FREE interactive MCQ Papers for local O/L and A/L.

About CareerMe